I’ve seen a lot of Halloween animatronics in my day, and honestly, it doesn’t take a lot to impress me. I can find a discounted $50 animated prop at Home Depot on November 1st and find ways to make it spectacular. With that being said; I am not sure I could improve the animatronic prop I saw in the Beastcraft booth at Transworld in St. Louis last month. Harvest Golem might just be the perfect Halloween prop. He’s big. He’s nasty. He’s bad. If you haven’t yet seen Harvest Golem, please check out the video below.

According to Beastcraft

This Harvest Golem super-creature rises from the patch and stands up to a towering 9 feet tall. His arms open up and his head rotates side to side as he awakens. His jaw movement allows him to growl in anger as he is summoned into existence. A synchronized audio track paints a soundscape of snapping vines and trees as the creature rises and blasts unearthly howls in time with the jaw movement.

Standing at a staggering nine feet tall, Harvest Golem is super-imposing. When activated you begin to hear sounds like limbs breaking in the woods. then suddenly, a larve creature with a pumpkin on his head begins to move his head from side to side. Once he stands up he begins to growl as his mouth moves.

At $4838 Harvest Golem isn’t cheap. However, Beastcraft makes some of the best Halloween props each year and you can find their work in haunted attractions all over the country. I think Harvest Golem would do well in a swamp, woods of forest theme. If you think he is scary-looking now, just wait until you get him in a dark location with some strobe lights. Yikes! This over the top pneumatic prop is very well done and I can’t overstate how popular he was at Transworld. Everyone wanted a picture or video!

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