I have seen sheer terror and now know it’s name. The Yeti from Distortions Unlimited was one of the monster hits from Transworld 2022 (pun intended) and I wasn’t the only one blown away by how cool and downright terrifying he was! Everyone who passed by the Distortions Unlimited booth got a video or selfie with the monster from the artic in St. Louis last month. If by some chance you haven’t seen the Yeti, please watch the video below.

Standing just a little under six feet tall, the Yeti begins violently thrashing and trying to break free from the chains that are holding him back. Whoever subdued him really just ticked him off because this guy wants out! While the video is quite impressive and shows how awesome the Yeti is, you have to picture him in a dark room. Now imagine stumbling into darkness and you see the Yeti trying to escape! Oh man, this prop is off the charts! You really have to give Distortions Unlimited bonus points for the blood all around the creature’s mouth. I guess just before he was captured he had eaten a reindeer or two! On a side note, those teeth are freakishly creepy. Hats off on a job well done. It’s little things like that that really make a prop stand out.

Like most of Distortions Unlimited animatronics, this pneumatic Yeti prop isn’t cheap. The Yeti costs $4,670, but to me I think he’s worth every penny. You will find him and a lot of other of Distortions Unlimited’s creations in some of the best haunted houses in the the country.

If you would like more information on the new Yet prop, please visit Distortions Unlimited website. Also, please be sure to check back often for more news about all the cool Halloween props coming your way!