If you were to ask me to describe the perfect Halloween prop, I would respond that it needed to be a larger than life, over the top creature that could snap my neck and tear my arms off one by one. Well, it appears that Distortions Unlimited created something in that ballpark- The Mutant. This guy is big, bad and nasty. If you haven’t seen him, you really need to check out this video from Transworld 2022 in St. Louis.

How awesome is that? It’s even better in person. What I didn’t know as I shot the video is that the Mutant shoot out a mist of water from his mouth as he hisses and growls at his potential prey. The guys at Distortion Unlimited outdid themselves with this one as the Mutant looks like something straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster you would see in a movie theater.

In addition to the creepy mist and life-like mannerisms of a captured predator, the Mutant is quite imposing at 7′ tall. If this guy could have just broken free from his chains, I’m pretty sure he would’ve eaten everyone in St. Louis last weekend. Who is going to stop him?

Distortions Unlimited has been making high quality animated props for over 40 years so you know you are getting something special each time you order a prop from them. If you decided to pull the trigger and bring the Mutant home, he would run you a cool $3,680. Compared to other props I saw at the trade show, it’s not that high. The guys at Distortions Unlimited always deliver with their stuff.

If you want more information on the Mutant prop or other Distortions Unlimited creations, please visit their website. Please keep checking back because we have a lot more cool stff to show you for Halloween 2023. October can’t get here quick enough!