“Oh my God!” That is exactly what I was thinking when I saw the ICU prop from Distortions Unlimited at Transworld last weekend. I was casually strolling through the convention floor when I saw the Distortions Unlimited booth. Naturally, I knew I’d find some really cool eerie Halloween props there. They’ve been making props and animatronics since the 1970s. However, when I saw the creepy patient with his eyes cut out, I didn’t know if I should throw up or be amazed. Fortunately I went with the latter.

In case you aren’t up to speed and aren’t familiar with ICU, please check out the video below.

Standing at 5’6 the animatronic ICU prop is incredibly lifelike. Distortions Unlimited always takes a lot of time with their props, but they may have outdone themselves with this one! When activated the prop starts to slowly twist back and forth as he shows off his eyeballs that have recently been removed. Talk about creepy!

If you wanted to add ICU to your collection, he won’t come cheap. ICU will cost you $998 for the animatronic version. There is a static ICU prop available for $678. I know that seems a little steep but when you think about the quality and time spent working on the ICU prop, it’s not that bad. For a high-end Spirit Halloween prop you will have to drop $400-$500. For just a little more you could add ICU to your collection and really freak out your friends around Halloween. ICU is a great prop and if you don’t mind the price tag, I think definitely one to get this year!

For more info on ICU or other great Distortions Unlimited props please visit their website. Please keep checking back for more new items. Halloween 2022 is going to be a lot of fun. Oh yeah, subscribe to our Youtube page too.