Walking the trade show floor at Transworld Halloween 2022 was a lot of fun. I saw some of the scariest props and masks I had ever seen. I also some of the most creative and fantastic props I never knew existed. One of the booths that completely blew me away was Imaginerick which is based out of Hollywood, California. Imaginerick isn’t your average Halloween prop manufactorer. In fact, the company specializes in over the top, larger than life special effects that has appeared in Marvel and the Hunger Games films.

The sculptures and masks from Imaginerick are out of this world and some of the finest I’ve ever seen. Please check out the video below to get a better look at their work for yourself.

The props and sculptures done by the studio are amazing, but they aren’t cheap. With that being said, you are paying for quality. If you want to pay $200 for a prop that looks cheap and will break not too long after you buy it, keep walking. The stuff at Imaginerick isn’t for your average home haunter. Their merchandise is more inclined to be in a Hollywood feature film, but it could also be in your haunt for the right price.

Please check back often. Lots of cool stuff is heading your way! Halloween is only a few months away.