Gore Galore is at it again! This time they have hit it out of the park with the Wharf Rat Actormatronic that debuted at Transworld Halloween 2022 in St. Louis. The Wharf Rat was a very popular prop this year and people were falling all over themselves to get a picture or video of the eerie actormatronic. If you havent seen the Wharf Rat just yet, please check out the video below.

At $2,295 the Wharf Rat isnt exactly cheap. With that being said, Gore Galore is one of the best prop manufacturers in not just the Midwest, but the entire United States. Gore Galore makes high quality stuff that is used in haunted attractions all over the country. The Wharf Rat would make an excellent addition to your haunt if you have the space for the large prop as well as an actor to man the huge rat.

Actormatronics are a lot different than regular animatronics. Actormatronics require an actor that is situated inside the prop that makes it jump out and appear to be alive.

If you would like more info on the Wharf Rat or other fine Gore Galore props, please visit their website. Also, please check back often for more news on upcoming Halloween props that have yet to drop. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page to see more videos of all the cool Halloween props from Transworld.