Home Depot has quietly become a force when it comes to Halloween animatronics in recent years. However, their main competitor, Lowes has also stepped up their game the past few years. While they don’t have the selection Home Depot does, we have seen some really cool stuff from Lowes lately. Yesterday Gemmy Industries put a video on their Facebook page of their latest creation, a new mummy animated prop.

While not much is known, we will have to wait until the late summer before we begin to see what Lowes has in store for us this Halloween. The video is more of a tease and doesn’t reveal too much. I do like the idea of a mummy that has most of its wrapping missing. I’m really excited to see what Gemmy and Lowes has in store for us this October!

As always, please keep checking back. There is a lot of cool stuff coming down the pipe for Halloween 2022 and you aren’t going to want to miss out!