Transworld 2022 is officially in the books. Now that it is over I wanted to highlight some of the smaller prop manufacturers that do excellent work but get lost in the shuffle behind larger companies like Distortions Unlimited. As I walked through the sea of creepy Halloween-related merchandise I stumbled across the Original Sin Design booth. I was blown away by what I saw. If you aren’t familiar with their work, please check out the video below.

I was immediately drawn to the creepy women that Original Sin Design had on display. What grabbed my attention was the errie Ballerina Pirouette slowly revolving high up in the air. As my eyes began to wander, I noticed several other equally awesome props on display. The Final Girl: Reporter prop is something out of a 1980s horror movie and is very well done. They get bonus points for the flickering flashlight that draws your eyes to it.

As I walked around I noticed the Sister Satana nun prop with blood dripping from eyes. Talk about creepy. But the one thing that jumped out at me and blew me away was the Candelabra prop. I saw a lot of Halloween props at Transworld, but I can safely say that the Candelabra prop by Original Sin Design was without the a doubt the best static prop I saw at the trade show. I have seen a lot of props over the years and it seems like after a while companies release the same things with different variations. There’s just something extra creepy and about a dead girl with wax dripping all over her. What happened to this poor girl? Who did this to her? This prop got me asking questions that I’ll never have the answer to. I can imagine you will be seeing the Candelabra prop at some of the best haunted houses in the country this year.

If you wanted to add Candelabra to your collection she will cost $1,400. That may seem a bit high but the prop is very well done and you can tell that Original Sin Design put a lot of effort into creating her.

For more info on Original Sin Design and all of their wonderful creations, please visit their website.