Walking down the aisle between booths at Transworld can be pretty daunting. After a while all the creepy stuff tends to run together and you lose track of what’s really scary because just about everything you see is scary (or supposed to be scary). One booth jumped out at me as I made my way through the labyrinth of seller of haunted wares in St. Louis, a new kid on the block that specialized in extremely well done post-apocalyptic and eerie dystopian style costumes-Macabre Intentions.

If you aren’t familiar with their Macabre Intentions of professional costumes please check out the video below.

Whether it’s vintage gas masks or something straight out of a Mad Max movie you can find just about everything you need with Macabre Intentions. I was really impressed by their lineup at Transworld and they seemed to have sold quite a few of their awesome creations because they had several mannequins standing there with no costumes.

If you would like more info on Macabre Intentions and their line of professional costumes please check out their website. Please be sure to check out our YouTube page and subscribe. We will be posting more cool stuff as we get closer to Halloween. Keep checking back. Halloween will be here before you know it!