One superimposing Halloween animatronic that really got my attention this year Transworld in St. Louis was Jack Stalker from Morris Costumes. Sure, I had seen him before at other trade shows and he also went by another name, “Prowler Jack” in recent years. But this year Jack is back and he looks like he has bad intentions for those who cross his path.

If you aren’t familiar with Jack Stalker, please check out the video below.

Standing at seven feet tall, Jack Stalker immediately grabs your attention when you see him.

When activated by a step pad or sensor Jack Stalker comes to life and begins moving. And best of all he begins to say one of five, yes FIVE unique phrases!

Jack Stalker: Ahh, here comes another fool who thinks that it is safe to come so close to us.
Pumpkin: Ha, yeah! He must not be very smart!
Jack Stalker: Well no matter, I’m sure they have more to offer than just brains…
Pumpkin: True! I can detect a delicious soul in there somewhere!
Jack Stalker: I have a few ideas as to how we get it out. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Jack Stalker: You can’t be too careful, there seem to be lots of creeps out tonight
Pumpkin: Yeah, there’s one right behind you.
Jack Stalker: Made you look! Ha ha ha ha!
Pumpkin: A word to the living pal..
Jack Stalker: We are the ones you don’t want to turn your back on. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Pumpkin: I love a dark, dismal night.
Jack Stalker: The bitter winds make your bones crack
Pumpkin: And our fiendish friends crawl out from their hiding places to terrorize new victims
Jack Stalker: Yes, their panicked howls can be heard over the darkened hills.
Pumpkin: Drawing even more creatures to them with their cries of pain and fear.
Jack Stalker: Ah, Such wonderful times
Pumpkin: I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Jack Stalker: I love this time of year, when the air is cold and the veil to the afterlife is at its thinnest.
Pumpkin: Yes! I can hear the voices of the spirits calling out to be released!
Jack Stalker: The souls of the living are so bright and vibrant to our eyes, like beacons in the night!
Pumpkin: Let’s tear open the veil and release our brethren unto the world.
Jack Stalker: As this night shall be ours! Let the feast begin! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Jack Stalker: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Pumpkin: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Keep checking back. Halloween will be here soon and there is a lot of cool stuff we haven’t seen yet! I can’t wait until October!