Party City is known for being everyone’s go to party supply store, but over the past few years they have quietly become the America’s Halloween party headquarters. This year they are turning the volume up to eleven and have begun a shockingly scary transformation ahead of the Halloween season. The company has immersed itself in all things fright, undergoing a creepy metamorphosis to push the limits on gore and more.

A visit to will be a new experience. Traditionally known for its bright and cheerful logo and family friendly assortment, Party City is embracing the depths of its spooky side this Halloween, offering the most shockingly scary costumes, décor and accessories, all in one location.

This year Party City is making a prediction; gore is more! The retailer will offer top bone-chilling décor themes including the following:

Get Axed: Party City is pushing the limits with its very own Chop Shop. This squeamish line of products features accessories and props such as Bloody Weapons Garland, Meat Market Hand, Get Axed Paper Dinner Plates, Bloody Hands Table Cover, Get Axed Beverage Napkins, and more.

Creepy Carnival: Not your typical day at the State Fair, this collection of products features the Six-Foot Ice Cream Clown Animatronic , Blacklight Reactive Paper Dinner Plates and Beverage Napkins, and Neon Skulls, Skeletons, and Spiders that will immerse consumers into a nightmarish circus of possessed clowns and their evil cronies.

Wicked Haunting: A creepy, crawly take the traditional orange and black Halloween décor, this season’s Wicked Haunting collection of plates, napkins and more will leave spines tingling. Complete the look with Yorrik, a five-foot posable skeleton, and other Bone Creatures.

Spiderweb Night: Black and white never goes out of style. Halloween enthusiasts can increase the fear factor of any party with the Spiderweb Night themed tablecloth, napkins, and plate sets, Seven-Foot Light Up Hairy Black Spider that is sure to scare, and more.

And what is Halloween without costumes? They have you covered with some really fun costumes for this Halloween.

Creepy Kids: Menacing Jester, Illusion Reaper, Hooded Horror, Mummified, Fear Squad, Undead Princess, Harley Quinn, Scream’s Ghost Face and Michael Myers.

Eerie Adults: Gothic Reaper, Dark King Skeleton, Demonic Beast, Sinister Scarecrow, Dark Mermaid, Freddy Krueger, Pennywise and Bride of Chucky.

Also, have you seen the animatronics this year? Here’s a sneak peek!

But that’s not all, to fuel inspiration for the frightening fun to be had this Halloween Party City is daring YOU to get in on the SCARE. The retailer is launching its first ever #DaretoScare porch cam contest, awarding the spookiest set-up with the ultimate Halloween party of their nightmares. The contest will kickoff in September.