Spooky season is upon us and Party City has a lot of fun new offerings this year! One of my favorite new props this year from Party City in the new Lava Demon. If you aren’t familiar with the Lava Demon, please check out the video below!

According to Party City:

Unleash a burning evil this Halloween — the Lava Demon! This animatronic demon features a head and hands lit like magma, a devil’s tail, and goat hooves and horns. When activated, the demon turns side to side and warns passersby of the eternal suffering that awaits them. Hook the demon up to a fog machine, and he releases fog through his horns.

First, I have to tell you that the Lava Demon looks great during the day. He’s eerie and ominous, but at night, this guy is on point! Let’s face it, it’s going to be dark when you have your Halloween party so you want to make sure that your props look great at night. Lava Demon hits it out of the park! His face and hands glow and the way he was accentuated with a red light under him, the Lava Demons was quite menacing at the Party City Halloween Kickoff event a few days ago.

Standing 7.5 feet tall, the Lava Demon is quite imposing. But do you know what is not imposing? The Lava Demon’s price tag! He only costs $270 over at Party City. I imagine that this guy will be very popular this year.

Keep checking back, more cool Halloween stuff is on the way!