Halloween is almost here, guys! Last weekend we saw the grand opening of the Spirit Halloween flagship store in Egg Harbor, New Jersey along with all the cool new stuff coming your way this fall! One of the most anticipated Halloween props for 2022 is the new Lord Raven animatronic. If you aren’t familiar with the massive Raven/Reaper combo prop, please take a moment and watch the video below. (Also subscribe to our YouTube page while you are at it.)

When activated by a step pad or sensor Lord Raven says the following phrases:

“How dare you enter my forest? If you value your pathetic human life, turn back now. Come closer, and you shall meet your doom! (caw)”

“I knew you would be here soon; you could say I have eyes all over, hahaha. (caw, caw) Remember, wherever you run, my crows and I will find you!”

“Beware! More terrible things than I roam this wood at night. Don’t you feel their evil presence lurking out of sight? No matter, you will meet them soon enough. Ha ha hah!”

“I can smell the delicious pestilence on you…. it’s making me so very hungry. If you value your puny life, then run, or my crows and I will strip you of your flesh and leave your bones to rot!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

When I first saw the Lord Raven prop I knew he had to be around $350. However, I was wrong. Lord Raven will only set you back $299.99. If you are fortunate enough to have a 20% off coupon he will only be $240. But, there will be additional shipping costs should you buy him online since he is considered to be an oversized prop.

I’ll be honest, the first time I saw Lord Raven I thought he was a ripoff of a grim reaper prop and appeared to be pretty cheesy. Yet, when I saw him up close and personal, the monster Raven/Reaper is super imposing and extremely eerie. I think he will make a wonderful addition to my animatronic collection. Now I just have to figure out where to put him in my home haunt!