The 2023 Halloween Party Expo is in the books and the one prop that had Las Vegas buzzing was the new Servo Carnival Barker from Morris Costumes. If you aren’t familiar with the latest creation from Morris Costumes, please take a look at the video below.

Immediately, the new Barker prop catches your eye as he stands on a platform barking at you to get you to come closer. I must admit, when I first saw the Carnival Barker from afar, I thought they had hired someone to stand up in their booth at the Halloween Party Expo to yell and get people’s attentions. It was only until I got about fifteen feet away that I could tell that it was actually an animatronic prop.

The Carnival Barker animatronic is quite unique because it’s actually a clown who is pulling double duty as a barker. The prop itself isn’t very tall but since he’s standing on a Carnival of Souls platform, it’s actually a bigger animatronic. Holding a cane and a megaphone, the purple-haired barker pulls you in by commanding your attention.

The price for this prop is believed to be in the $349.99 t0 $399.99 range. As always, price will vary from retailer to retailer. You might find him cheaper online, but when you start to factor in oversized shipping costs, you will get tricked into spending a little bit more. If you like the Carnival Barker prop, be sure to pull the trigger early. I say it all the time; the best props are always sold out by mid-September and I hate getting emails from people who got left out in the cold because they didn’t buy their favorite prop early.

Be sure to check back. Transworld Halloween 2023 is right around the corner and there will be a lot of cool stuff in St. Louis that I’m sure you will find very interesting. Also, subscribe to our YouTube account so you can stay in the loop on the latest in Halloween props!