Home Depot is really stepping up their Halloween game! Last year they went all in on the extra large Halloween animatronics with the supersized skeletons everyone seemed to fall in love with. This year they are doing it again with a jumbo sized werewolf! If you haven’t seen the 9’6 Immortal Werewolf, please check out the video below!

A wolf that large could definitely huff, puff and blow your entire house down! This prop has incredible detail. I like the torn plaid shirt and pants. It’s like he just transformed and wasn’t ready to turn into a werewolf but had no choice! The darting, piercing LCD lifelike eyes is also a great touch that makes him even more realistic. And did you see those sharp claws and eerie fangs? Oh man! When activated by a sensor, the Immortal Werewold rears back his head and lets out a blood curdling howl towards the moon.

At $399.00 the Immortal Werewolf isn’t cheap. But he sure is awesome! I’ve always subscribed to the theory that bigger is better, especially with Halloween animatronics. But, like last year, Home Depot will likely run out so don’t delay. If you want him, pull the trigger early so you won’t be left out in the cold. I imagine he will be out of stock by September.

Home Depot is quickly becoming a destination for Halloween animatronic lovers.

Keep checking back! There are a lot of cool things headed our way!