We’ve seen some pretty intense Regan from the Exorcist animatronics in recent years. This year Spirit Halloween is rolling out a revamped prop from the classic movie. If you aren’t familiar with her, please check out the video below.

According to Spirit Halloween:

Regan was living a normal life as a sweet and pure 12-year-old girl in Georgetown with her mother, Chris. After the sounds of disturbing noises coming from the house and several violent and bizarre episodes from Regan, Chris knew something was up and would do anything to find answers. After various tests from doctors and evaluations from anyone who may have answers, one thing was clear… Regan wasn’t Regan anymore. Having been possessed by an ancient demon, Regan now speaks in a vulgar tongue, sports various scars and sores on her body, and can contort herself in various disturbing ways. The only answer to save this girl from her possession? An Exorcism.

The Regan animatronic is sure to make any fan of the horror movie The Exorcist jump. With disturbing head-spinning movements just like in the movie and actual voice lines from the film, this Regan animatronic is the real deal. Standing at five feet tall, your guests will be so impressed with how scary your animatronic display is when they see the spooky light-up image of the demon she’s posessed by projects from the Regan’s back.

When activated Regan says one of the following phrases:

“What an excellent day for an exorcism. It will bring us together… Uou and us. (Screams and neck bone crunching as head turns)”

“I’m not Regan…I’m the Devil!” (Wild exorcism sounds) (neck bone crunching “It burns, it burns!”) as head turns around.

“(Evil sounds) …. You killed your mother, you left her alone to die!” “Keep away, the sow is mine!” (Neck bone crunching as head turns)

“Your mother’s in here with us Karras. Would you like to leave her a message? I’ll see that she gets it” (Devil groans and bone crunching as head turns around)”

If you are a fan of the Exorcist you will definitely want to add this one to your collection! Regan is super creepy and worth the price.