We told you something was coming, and now it is here! Behold Spirit Halloween is finally starting to release their lineup for 2022. We’ve been waiting and it is good to see that the Halloween superstore is showing us what is in store for October! If you aren’t familiar with Monty, please check out the video below.

According to Spirit Halloween:

It’s all fun and games until your favorite toy turns into a six-foot terror with cymbals, a lust for killing, and the eyes of a demon. Monty was every kid’s favorite toy from yesteryear, delighting generations of kids with his antics. Now he sends them running for cover all because one little boy wished and wished for his favorite toy to come to life. So if you hear the cymbals banging, you’d better duck, or it might be the last sound you ever hear!

After years and years of being forced to appease children, Monty is ready for a new gig. Make the Monty animatronic a part of your terrifying display and your guests will go bananas! What used to be a child’s plaything is now the fuel of nightmares thanks to the sounds of his piercing monkey screeches and clanging cymbals. Standing at six feet tall, the yellow light-up LED eyes and moving mouth really bring this toy to life, just not like you thought it would!

Coming in at six feet tall and weighing eighteen pounds, Monty is a pretty imposing prop! He’s very unique and I like how they put their own unique spin on the little monkey with cymbals that has been around for ages.

At $299.99 Monty isn’t cheap but he’s within what I would expect this prop to sell for. Anytime you can get a large prop for around $300, it’s not that bad. But, don’t forget, if you know where to find some 20% promo codes, you can get the new Monty animatronic for around $260 before shipping costs.

Keep checking back. Lots more cool stuff is one the way!