Transworld is finally here! And now we have seen the cream of the crop when it comes to Halloween props for 2023. One of my favorite is the new Scarecrow Rocker animatronic from our friends at Beastcraft. If you haven’t seen the Scarecrow Rocker in action, please check out the video below.

When activated the Scarecrow Rocker begins rocking back and forth as he tries to get to you so he can wrap his extra large sickle around your neck! Fortunately for you, the creepy scarecrow appears to be chained up and can’t quite get you. So you can stand there and admire the craftmanship of the guys at Beastcraft. Just a heads up, the Scarecrow Rocker will set you back a cool $2,756, which more than the props you will find at Spirit Halloween. But, then again, the props that comes from a manufacturer like Beastcraft make much better stuff that will last a lot longer.

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