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New For 2018: Pennywise Animated Prop From Party City

You knew it was coming. Someone was going to make an officially licensed Pennywise prop from “It”. I just didn’t think that the prop was going to come from Party City. But it is. Behold, Pennywise The Dancing Clown… I’m not sure what to think about Pennywise. I’ve been waiting for someone to…

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Poison Props Rolls Out Flesh Eater Clown for 2018

After “It” took over the box office last September it seems like every Halloween prop manufacturer is trying to get their animatronic version of Pennywise the Dancing Clown out into the market. I’ve seen a few knockoffs but the best so far comes from Poison Props. Their Flesh Eater Clown is amazing and…

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Make Your Own 2017 Pennywise Animated Prop

The movie “It” has exploded and is #1 at the Box Office this month after $123 million it’s opening weekend (no pun intended). With Pennywise becoming the most popular clown in years Halloween stores are finding that anything and everything that has to do with clowns won’t stay on the shelves very long….

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