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New For 2022: Young Crouchy From Spirit Halloween

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Halloween getting closer and closer! Today Spirit Halloween rolled out their latest Halloween animatronic for 2022 and it’s an new, I mean old take on an old favorite, Crouchy. That’s right, we are getting Young Crouchy this year! If you haven’t seen the young clown,…

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New For 2022: Lucky Bottoms From Spirit Halloween

Who doesn’t love evil clowns for Halloween? Spirit Halloween heard you and has decided to unleash a new clown animatronic on us for 2022! Lucky Bottoms is a great looking prop. If you haven’t seen him, please check out the video below. According to Spirit Halloween: Lucky truly believed that laughter was the…

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New For 2022: Creep Show From Distortions Unlimited

If you’ve been checking out the site for any amount of time, you already know I’m a massive fan of creepy animatronic clowns. Some people love clowns, others hate them. Me, well, I think they are a lot of fun and extremely fascinating. They are always a big hit at my home haunt…

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