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Making a Bad Halloween Prop Scary: CVS Headless Horseman

A few years ago I picked up a Headless Horseman Halloween prop from CVS the day after Halloween. It’s supposed to move and talk but something happened to it and it doesn’t work. I paid $15 for it after it was reduced when the store was in a hurry to liquidate their unsold…

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Animated Palm Bleeder Booth Review

I’ve been dying to check out the Palm Bleeder Booth for several months now and finally came across one of them at Caufield’s in Louisville. If you aren’t familiar with the prop it’s basically a clown in a 6′ booth that sways back and forth as he tried to entice you over to…

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7 Foot Tall Evil Clown Animated Prop is new for 2017

If you love creepy clowns Seasonal Visions has something special in store for you this year. They are introducing the 7 foot Evil Clown for 2017. This is a new animated prop and it’s one that I will definitely consider adding to my collection for the upcoming Halloween season. The clown’s hips move…

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