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Spirit Halloween Makes It Easy To Build Your Own Halloween Props

I love to make bad Halloween props into good ones. I’ve done it several times with cheap props I’ve bought the day after Halloween for $20 and turn them into something special. You can check those out here. CVS and Rite Aid are notorious for having some pretty bad animated Halloween props that…

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Making a Bad Halloween Prop Scary: eBay Clown

Last summer I was trying to find some cool animated props to bring my Clown Tent to life. I looked online and found some really cool props. The problem was I had a budget and had burned through most of it when I bought some of the new 2016 props from Spirit Halloween….

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Making Bad Halloween Props Scary: Pigman

Every now and then you come across a prop online that is truly terrifying. Last summer I came across the 6′ Man Eater Zombie Prop on eBay and I wondered how on earth this really scary prop could be available for $60. This is the image from the prop that I bought on…

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