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Gertie the Cauldron Witch is New for Halloween 2017 at Home Depot

Home Depot is slowly starting to catch up to Spirit Halloween this year with a new reall cool animatronic witch on HomeDepot.com. Gertie the Cauldron Witch is new for 2017 and looks much better than the witches Home Depot put out last year. Check out the video to see her for yourself. Gertie…

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Home Depot Unveils 59 Inch Gargantuan Spider For Halloween 2017

We had heard rumblings that Home Depot had something big in store for us this year for Halloween 2017 and it appears the rumors are true. Recently Home Depot rolled out the Gargantuan Spider for sale on HomeDepot.com. A video of the spider is up on the site and also has been uploaded…

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When Will Stores Start To Put Out 2017 Halloween Items?

Halloween can’t get here fast enough and if you are like me you have been looking at stores in your area to see if anyone has jumped the gun and started to put out Halloween items. I’ve started seeing some Halloween candy in some stores but with back to school still going strong…

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