We had heard rumblings that Home Depot had something big in store for us this year for Halloween 2017 and it appears the rumors are true. Recently Home Depot rolled out the Gargantuan Spider for sale on HomeDepot.com. A video of the spider is up on the site and also has been uploaded to Youtube as well.

That thing is massive. Unfortunately the Gargantuan Spider isn’t an animatronic prop. It’s still a huge prop you can stick in the yard and freak people out with though. Despite the spider’s lack of movement it will make realistic hissing sounds which seems to be pretty creepy. It has six eyes that light up in the dark and comes with a metal base and stand. At 59 inches tall and 112.5 inches long the Gargantuan Spider is massive and something that I have my eye on this year.

In addition to not being an animated prop the downside to the Gargantuan Spider is the price. At $249 the huge spider is right up there with the Jack Skellington prop offered by Spirit Halloween. I think the spider has more mainstream appeal than The Nightmare Before Christmas prop that only appeals to fans of the movie. Last year Home Depot started dropping the prices of their Halloween props a week or two before Halloween. Then on November 1 they went 75% off and slashed prices on everything Halloween related to make room for the Christmas stuff that was coming in right behind it. I think the Gargantuan Spider might be something I cross my fingers on and wait until after Halloween. Anytime a very well done prop is reduced drastically it’s usually gone as soon as other customers see it.

Home Depot offers ship to store so you can pick up items at your local store instead of paying extra for shipping. The Gargantuan Spider is currently out of stock but will likely be available in the coming weeks like most other props for Halloween.