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Spirit Halloween Confirms Good Guys Chucky Doll Returning For Halloween 2020

Spirit Halloween is bringing back an old favorite for Halloween 2020! Earlier this week they announced that the Good Guys Chucky Doll will be returning this year. Chucky was a new prop in 2019 and due to the demand he was brought back for the 2020 lineup. In case you forgot, here is a look at the 30 inch tall Chucky prop. 30 Inch Good Guys Chucky Doll – Child’s Pl… There;s nothing creepy about this doll, right? Right? Before he was possessed by the sp… [More] Price: $89.99 Sale: $89.99 Buy Now If you are on the fence about Chucky, I would advise that you get him. We saw last year that the most popular props sold out before mid-September and by October people were scrambling trying to find their favorite props. Spirit Halloween will be releasing their new props starting in July. Until then it will be a slow drip of returning props to whet your appetite. Keep checking back. Lots of cool stuff in store for Halloween...

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New For 2020: Clown Window Banger From Poison Props

If you love clowns as much as I do, you are going to love the new Clown Window Banger from Poison Props! If you haven’t seen it, here is a video to get you up to speed! The clown is hiding behind a plexiglass window and when he is activated he begins violently slamming his head against it. Talk about creepy! Your guests are going to love it. The Clown Window Banger will set you back approximately $2,000 before shipping. Poison Props makes high quality Halloween props and their creations are featured in some of the top haunted houses...

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New For 2020: Crouching Gravedigger From Gemmy

Halloween is rapidly approaching and we are in a weird place where we are starting to get a slow drip of information about the new props for 2020. In July Spirit Halloween will start to unveil their lineup so we have to be patient until later this summer. But we do know of one item that likely be available at Spirit Halloween-the Crouching Gravedigger from Gemmy. The prop is an animated gravedigger who is crouching because he has just finished digging a grave. Not much is known about the prop but when activated we do know that his eyes...

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Returning For Halloween 2020: Sam From Trick ‘r Treat

You knew it was coming and now it’s starting to happen. Spirit Halloween has finally started to announce their lineup of animatronic halloween props for Halloween 2020. Generally Spirit Halloween will announce some of returning favorites in the late spring until they start to drop new props in July. The first confirmed animatronic is Sam from the Trick ‘r Treat movie that has become a cult classic in recent years. If you haven’t seen Sam check out this video to get acquainted. 4.3 Ft Sam Animatronic Decoration – Trick … You’ll be able to show off your horror movie...

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New For 2020: Michael Myers Halloween 2 Animatronic

You can’t have Halloween without a new Michael Myers prop. Actually it is a new, old Michael Myers prop. Gemmy is rolling out a Michael Myers prop from Halloween 2 in time for Halloween 2020. Is that as confusing to read as it was to write? It appears that the Michael Myers prop is a static prop but it actually is an animatronic. While it is not exactly known what moves he makes it will be that his arm will go up and down in a sobbing motion. We’ll know for sure in a few weeks when we start...

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