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Spirit Halloween 2021 Rumors

So, every year around this time Halloween lovers all over the country start checking to see if there is anything new up on their site. Well, unfortunately, we will have to wait another month or so as typically the new props drop after July 4th each year. But, with that being said, we might know more than we did at this point last year. It looks like Spirit Halloween’s theme this year will be the Scare Factory according to leaked images from the Halloween superstore’s website. Each year Spirit Halloween has a theme that they used to build...

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New For 2021: Cellar Dweller From Morris Costumes

One of the biggest hits from Transworld 2021 is the Cellar Dweller animatronic from Morris Costumes. It seems that of all the new props for this year, Cellar Dweller had the most buzz from people I’ve talked to. If you haven’t seen the creepy new animated prop that has been hiding in your cellar, please check out the video below. When activated the Cellar Dweller’s eye turn green. He also begins moving his arms up and down and his head turns side to side as he begins to speak very slowly and methodically. He says the following four eerie...

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New For 2021 Jack Stalker/Prowler Jack From Morris Costumes

Morris Costumes has done it again! This time they have taken the creepy reaper prop we have come to love and combined him with a talking pumpkin! Man, this might just be my favorite new prop for Halloween 2021. The Jack Stalker prop was just unveiled at TransWorld over the weekend. If you haven’t seen Jack Stalker, please check out the video below! When activated by a step pad or sensor Jack Stalker comes to life and begins moving. And best of all he begins to say one of five, yes FIVE unique phrases! Jack Stalker: Ahh, here comes...

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New For 2021: Cotton Candice From Morris Costumes

Who doesn’t love cotton candy? And who doesn’t love a little girl who is stuck in a cotton candy machine screaming for her life? No, it’s not something from a pack of Garbage Pail Kids, Cotton Candice is a real animated Halloween prop that was released to the world at TransWorld 2021! If you aren’t familiar with the sweet little girl stuck in the cotton candy machine check out the video below! Once activated creepy carnival music starts playing followed by the screams of a girl who is stuck in a cotton candy machine! Candice starts spinning and the...

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New For 2020: Lunging Reaper Animatronic From Morris Costumes

The lunging props with digital eyes seem to be all the rage this year at TransWorld 2021. Yesterday we saw the Haggard Lunging Witch and today we saw the Lunging Reaper. If you aren’t quite familiar with the Lunging Reaper, check out the video below. When activated by a step pad or built-in sensor, the Lunging Reaper begins talking and says one of the following four phrases before jumping out to grab you! Want to play a game of tag? If I catch you, you have to give up your soul! Aarr!! You’re faster than you look. But don’t...

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