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New For 2020: Mr Salty From Spirit Halloween

What’s scarier than one clown Halloween animatronic? Two animated clown props in one super-sized prop! Spirit Halloween has something really cool up their sleeves this year with the new Mr. Salty Clown animatronic that will be available this year. When activated by a step pad or sensor Mr. Salty comes to life and opens his oversized trench coat to reveal a surprise! He’s not alone and has a creepy friend tucked away that is a little salty! I really dig the Mr. Salty and think he could be one of the big hits for Halloween 2020. I really like...

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Spirit Halloween Announces Flesh Eating Zombie Will Return For Halloween 2020

Spirit Halloween keeps rolling out the hits for Halloween 2020. Today, the Halloween company announced that the Flesh Eating Zombie animated prop will return this fall. The zombie prop made his debut in 2011 and quickly became a fan favorite. This year they have updated the popular animatronic and made him available for Halloween 2020. In case you may have forgotten what Flesh Eating Zombie is all about, here is a quick reminder. Standing right at six feet tall, the Flesh Eating Zombie prop is quite menacing. When activated he slowly beings to turn his head and his mouth...

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Spirit Halloween Confirms that Bloodthirsty Betty Will Return For 2020

After announcing some new props over the weekend Spirit Halloween is going back to the well for an old favorite they will bring back this year. Bloodthirsty Betty, who made her debut last year is coming back for an encore this fall! In case you forgot, here is a refresher on Betty. When activated Bloodthirsty Betty shakes intensely, begins to growl, and then her head pops up backwards, showing off her glowing red eyes. The great thing about the prop is that it can be displayed on the ground or mounted to a the wall to freak out your...

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New For 2020: 21 Inch Red and Black Jumping Spider From Spirit Halloween

Halloween is drawing near and today we take one giant leap forward as Spirit Halloween officially unveiled their first new animatronic prop for 2020. We’ve seen some sneak peaks as well as an old favorite that is returning but today with the unveiling of the Red and Black Jumping Spider we are kicking off the 2020 Halloween buying season. The spider is a typical jump scare but it is pretty impressive. The 21 inch red and black spider looks pretty menacing as he sits lurking in the corner. Then as it’s prey gets closer he suddenly springs to life...

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Spirit Halloween Announces Uncle Charlie Will Return For 2020

Just when you think the news couldn’t get any better! Not only will Spirit Halloween begin opening stores in August they will also announced their first new (old) animatronic for Halloween 2020! Uncle Charlie will be making his way to your Halloween parties this year, as long as you pick him up at Spirit Halloween, or their website, that is… In case you forgot about ol’ Uncle Charlie, here is a refresher. Lifesize Uncle Charlie Light-Up Prop by Sp… Additional informationMother always warned you to stay away from creepy Uncle Charlie….. [More] Price: $209.99 Sale: $209.99 Buy Now Uncle...

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