Just when you think you’ve seen it all Spirit Halloween throws you a curveball. Two weeks ago I was onhand in New Jersey to see their 2021 lineup up close and personal. Well, Spirit Halloween was holding back a little bit and no one had any idea that the Grave Grabber was going to be a thing this year!

According to Spirit Halloween:

Trying to come back to life as an undead zombie, the Grave Grabber has been scratching and clawing his way to the surface for years. One cold and stormy night, the elements were in his favor and he was finally able to breakthrough and emerge. Now he lives his life patrolling the cemetery and grabbing at the ankles of any unwanted visitors. What he does after to get a hold of his victims remains a mystery because those who have been unfortunate enough to see him were never heard from or seen again.

At $119.99 Grave Grabber isn’t one of the high end props that will burn a hole in your budget. He’s actually quite affordable and is something you can add to a cemetery scene in your backyard.

Just remember, even though you can purchase Grave Grabber today, he won’t ship until late September. Don’t worry he will be there in time for Halloween!

Keep checking back. There is a lot more cool stuff coming your way!