Transworld 2022 is now in the history books and there is so much to cover. I saw so many cool things at the Halloween trade show and after a day or so, some of them run together. However, one prop that jumped out at me (not literally) was the Lurking Drowned Bride Zombie animatronic from Beastcraft. Beastcraft had some really cool, larger than life animatronics that had a lot of people buzzing. Yet, one of the ones that stood out to me was a simple one that looked quite unassuming. The Drowned Bride animatronic is so simple but also so brilliant.

If you haven’t seen the Drowned Bride, please check out the video below.

The Drowned Bride doesn’t do a lot. But she doesn’t really need to. The creepy zombie animatronic simply sways back and forth as she stares into your soul with her cold, dark lifeless eyes. I was really drawn the bride and it wasn’t because she was scary. In a way, I kind of felt sorry for her. Something really awful happened to this young lady and I couldn’t stop looking at her. Now don’t get me wrong, in the right setting and with the right light scheme I believe the Drowned Bride could be downright terrifying. That’s the beauty of the prop. You can make the setting and use your imagine on how to use her.

At $875 the Lurking Drowned Bride Zombie isn’t cheap. But Beastcraft’s props are high quality products that are used in haunted houses all over the country. When you think about it, some of the high-end props at Spirit Halloween retail for $400 to $500. I think $875 is not that bad when you really crunch the numbers.

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