Behold the Fishmonger! This creepy fishy static Halloween prop jumped out at me at Transworld 2022 while walking the tradeshow floor. Rib FX is one of the newer companies on the Halloween prop block but their skilled team of creepy creators have worked in the industry for years. In case you aren’t familiar with their creations please check out the video below.

I was really impressed by the static props I saw in the Rib FX booth in St. Louis. Some of their props are a little on the darker side and would get an “R” rating but they know how to do creepy and gory really, really well.

I thought the static Zealot preacher prop was pretty darn amazing. It doesn’t get any darker than a kneeling, crying priest holding off a cross to repel whatever dastardly, evil thing was coming his way before his life was cut short. It’s props like that that you don’t see very often. When you see the Zealot prop, you have to start asking some questions. What is this man of the cloth afraid of? What did he do to deserve this fate?

When I see props like that can gets me to ask questions, I really have to give Rib FX some bonus points for creativity and originality.

As with most high end prop companies, Rib FX’s creatures don’t come cheap. In fact, my favorite, the Fishmonger will set you back $1,299 if you wanted to add him to your haunt.

If you want more info on Rib FX or their creations please visit their website. Also please subscribe to our YouTube page to keep up with all the cool Halloween stuff coming down the pipe for 2022! Halloween is only a few months away and before you know it, it will be time to get spooky!