Walking the trade show floor at Transworld Halloween 2022 can be a daunting task. Not only are you overwhelmed with some of the creepiest Halloween props in the country, there are also some of the scariest masks you will ever see at every turn. So when you stumble across a giggling, smiling witch, she really sticks out. Morris Costumes has released a child-friendly Halloween animatronic called the Whimsical Witch. Not only did she stand out to me, but I saw a handful of people stop in front of her while remarking about how much they liked her.

If you haven’t seen the Whimsical Witch, please check out the following YouTube video.

Standing at approximately 6′ the Whimsical Witch’s mouth moves and she turns her head when she is activated. Her eyes also light up too.

The Whimsical Witch will retail in the $349.99 range but that could vary depending on where you find her. Online shops may have her for less than big box stores but you will also likely incur addition shipping charges. I do not think we will see the Whimsical Witch at Spirit Halloween this year. However, I do think she is a good fit for other big box Halloween stores like Halloween Express. All of that is subject to change and we won’t officially know until Spirit Halloween rolls out their 2022 lineup sometime this summer.

Like I said earlier, the biggest plus for the Whimsical Witch is the fact that she is child-friendly. Nowadays we don’t typically see props that appeal to children so I have to applaud Morris Costumes for trying to fill that void in the retail market.

Halloween will be here in a few months. It seems like it always creeps up on us. Please check back and subscribe to our Youtube page for the latest on all the cool stuff coming for Halloween 2022.