I saw a lot of Halloween animatronics at Transworld Halloween 2022 in St. Louis last weekend and I was blown away by the creativity I saw from the companies that had their items on display at the trade show. One of the eeriest props I came across in St. Louis was the new Drilled Betty animatronic. I was actually on my way to the Gore Galore booth when I just happened to turn my head and see the sad looking young lady who had a drill boring through her stomach.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting poor Betty’s acquaintance, please check out the video below.

My God! How creepy is that! I think with the right lighting in the right scene Drill Betty could be downright terrifying. I could see her lying on a table in a dimly lit room like a scene from Saw. The dead lifeless eyes and blood splattered all over her really put this prop over the top!

At $1,099 Drilled Betty isn’t a cheap prop. But, with that being said, the guys over at Slaughterhouse FX make high quality props that are used in some of the best haunted attractions in the country! I was blown away by the quality of Drilled Betty and I’m sure you will be happy too if you decide to pull the trigger and add her to your collection. You won’t find craftmanship like that at Halloween Express or other big box Halloween stores this fall.

For more info on Drilled Betty and other Slaughterhouse FX props please check out their website.

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