If you love Halloween you are really in no rush for Christmas. But, if you do enjoy Christmas as much as All Hallow’s Eve perhaps you might be in the market for a brand new Christmas/Winter-themed animated prop. Don’t worry. The guys at Gore Galore have you covered.

As I walked around Transworld Halloween last weekend in St. Louis I noticed a grumpy little snowman who was on the prowl for some new victims. Frothy Snowman is one of the latest creations from Gore Galore, and he made quite the impression at the Halloween trade show. If you aren’t familiar with Frothy, please check out the embedded video below.

When activated Frothy’s arms begin to move and he starts talking to those around him. He stands right at and impressive five feet tall. He’s not that big, but he’s not exactly small either. He’s just the right size to terrorize your guests at your winter themed haunt later this year.

Gore Galore’s Frothy Snowman will run you $3,800. I know it seems like a lot and compared to props in Halloween big box stores, he is. However, when you take into consideration that Gore Galore’s creations are used in some of the best haunted attraction in the United States, it’s not that much to pay for a top-notch Halloween prop. When I was walking the floor at Transworld I noticed that Frothy was garnering a lot of attention from those in attendance. I imagine he will be very popular later this year into the holiday season.

If you would like more information about Frothy Snowman, please visit Gore Galore’s website.

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