Talk about imposing! The new Graveyard Host animatronic from Morris Costumes will be a big hit for Halloween 2020 this year. The reason for the prediction is because it seemed like everyone who walked by him at Transworld Halloween 2022 stopped and got a video or picture of him at the trade show in St. Louis. I also couldn’t help myself and had to get some pictures and a video too!

If you aren’t familiar with the creepy gravedigger Halloween prop from our friends at Morris Costumes please check out the video below.

At 8.5′ tall the Graveyard Host demands your attention as soon as you come into contact with him. When activated the Graveyard Host’s head beings to turn and his mouth starts to move as he says one of several different phrases. His eyes also light up and his lantern glows an eerie orange red.

You know what I always say, bigger is better when it comes to Halloween props! Over the years Morris Costume has led the charge and has produced some pretty big clown animatronics. It’s nice to see that they are expanded their operations and are doing nonconventional creatures like a crypt keeper/grave digger type individual.

The Graveyard Host prop is very well done and I like how the shovel is used to show how large he really is. While a shovel is usually around four feet tall, is looks really small in the hands of the Graveyard Host.

The Graveyard Host will run $399.99 but the price could vary from retailer to retailer. Just beware, if you find him online you may incur additional shipping charges due to the props size. It’s not known just yet if the Graveyard Host will be in Spirit Halloween’s lineup for 2022. That is still to be determined.

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