This weekend Home Depot’s lineup of Halloween animatronics for 2022 leaked online. Typically Home Depot plays their cards close to the vest and doesn’t release anything pertaining to Halloween until the late summer. Well, fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas film will be thrilled to learn that Oogie Boogie will soon be coming to Home Depot stores in September. The burlap sack villain of the film has quite the following and I’m sure he will be a hit when shoppers see him on shelves later this year.

A few years ago different retailers like Spirit Halloween bought the license for Jack Skellington and his lady, Sally and produced Halloween animatronics for the two popular The Nightmare Before Christmas characters. By all accounts the props sold extremely well and that’s probably why we are now getting the new Oogie Boogie Halloween animatronic as well. I’m really intrigued to see how Oogie Boogie does and whether or not we will start seeing more props from the film being made. I imagine there is a market for other characters like Lock, Shock, Barrel and Dr. Finkelstein amongst hardcore Nightmare Before Christmas fans.

Halloween will be here soon! Please keep checking back as more cool stuff will be dropping soon!