Buzzsaw appears to be the sleeper hit for Halloween props in 2021! With so many prop companies making clowns, zombies and other creepy monsters, it’s refreshing to see someone thinking outside the box for a change. If you have not seen the gargantuan Halloween prop known as Buzzsaw, please check out the video below and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel.

According to Spirit Halloween:

Bill “Buzzsaw” Jackson never had much luck in the squared circle. His lumberjack routine just didn’t cut it with fans of the local wrestling circuit. Well, Buzzaw finally found his calling when he decided to swap his real hands for some twisted new upgrades that were sure to turn the tables in the ring. Unfortunately for Buzzsaw, the fans spent more time running for their lives than watching him wrestle. Now, instead of body-slamming his opponents, he’s busy racking up victims and running from the law!

This Buzzsaw animatronic features a large mallet on one hand and a terrifying buzzsaw that spins on the other! His LED light-up eyes and left and right turning torso will have all your guests running in fear this Halloween!

When the prop is activated by a step pad or sensor, Buzzsaw begins moving back and forth as his eyes start to glow yellow. His saw begins to move as he says the following phrases.

“I’ve got a hammer and I hammer in the evening, aaaaalll over this place! Har har har!”

“Did you see that? (zzzziiinnngggg!!!) I saw that! Ha ha ha!”

“Don’t forget to duck! Ha ha ha! Or you’re a Dead Duck! Huh huh huh!”

“You ever have an itch you just can’t scratch? Ha ha! Here, let me help you with that! ha ha ha ha!”

“Think fast! (zzzzeeeer!) You have to be faster than that! Haw haw!”
“You need to be cut (zzzzing!) down to size!”

“Looks like you need a little trimming: a nip here, a tuck there. Har, har! You’ll be perfect in no time!”

At $279.99 Buzzsaw is pretty reasonable. He is not exactly cheap but he is worth it in my opinion. He’s deceptively tall at six feet, but he’s very large and one of the widest animatronics I’ve come across this year.

Don’t forget to pull the trigger early if you like Buzzsaw. The best props always sell out quickly. I hate getting emails in October from people who have missed out on their favorite animatronics because they sold out in September.

Keep checking back! Lots of great stuff is still coming your way!