Earlier today we got to see the rest of the props from Spirit Halloween’s 2021 lineup. One of the surprise hits from today’s big reveal was Evelyn Leech. Evelyn wasn’t part of the initial rollout a few weeks ago so it was a big surprise when I stumbled upon her at the flagship store in New Jersey. If you haven’t seen Evelyn, maybe you should check out the video below and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel.

This prop is very creepy. You can kinda see that something is wrong with Evelyn’s face but it’s hard to see behind the veil. That’s the beauty of it. You really have to get up close to see her face. And when you see her that close. You know something eerie is definitely going on.

Poor Evelyn is holding her beloved’s head in her hands on her wedding day. It’s really creepy and somewhat sad that her big day was ruined.

I really like the new Evelyn Leech prop and am really going to consider adding her to my collection this year. She’s the size of a small petite woman so she will definitely work at your Halloween party this year. At $199.99 Evelyn is reasonably priced and isn’t one of those expensive props that will keep you adding a few more animatronics to your collection this year.

Keep checking back. There is a lot more cool stuff coming your way!