Holy Cow! Have you seen Spirit Halloween’s latest prop? Mr Dark is locked and loaded and ready to go. If you haven’t seen him, he was unveiled at Spirit Halloween’s flagship show earlier today. Please check out the video below and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel. You are going to be impressed.

When activated the menacing Mr Dark’s eyes begin to turn red. He also lurches high into the air as he prepares to grab you and eat your soul. Fortunately for you he mostly jumps straight up, but he does come out a little bit.

I must say, I had seen some leaked Mr. Dark pictures online a week or two ago and I wasn’t really impressed. With that being said, when you see him up close and in person, this prop is very menacing and quite imposing when he jumps out at you. I think Mr Dark could be the surprise hit of the season. It seemed like everyone at the store had gravitated toward him when I was there. Each time he was activated and jumped up, everyone screamed and cheered at the same time.

Halloween will be here soon. Please keep checking back. There’s a lot more cool stuff coming your way!