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Spirit Halloween Announces That Stores Will Open In August 2020

There were lots of rumors flying around that Spirit Halloween would not be opening up stores this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. After a week of rumor and innuendo, the Halloween retailer made an announcement today via their social media platforms. Beginning in August Spirit Halloween will begin to open stores nationwide. This is really big news. A lot of people are sick and tired of being stuck at home and are really looking forward to planning a big Halloween blow out this fall. Now with Spirit Halloween committing to opening their stores this will hopefully get a...

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New For 2020: Clown Toe Tapper From Spirit Halloween

Behold! The first official new Halloween prop from Spirit Halloween for 2020, the Clown Toe Tapper. The Clown Toe Tapper appears to be an animated clown shoe prop that tap dances and makes noise as it scoots along the floor. We’ve seen similar props in the past, like the creepy hands that vibrate as they move around. It appears that this could be something similar since except it is a shoe. We don’t have all the details just yet but we can expect more shortly as Spirit Halloween will start to introduce their 2020 lineup officially in the next...

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Spirit Halloween Confirms Graveyard Ghoul Will Return For Halloween 2020

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of the slow drip of Spirit Halloween releasing their lineup for the 2020 Halloween season. Today the company confirmed that the Graveyard Ghoul will be coming back this year. In case you have forgotten what the Graveyard Ghoul is all about, here is a refresher. When activated the Graveyard Ghoul begins to move around a tombstone and says the following phrases: “You can run, but you can never hide.” “I’m always watching you.” “I’m hunting you.” At $129.99 the Graveyard Ghoul is a pretty cool prop that won’t break the bank. He’s...

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New For 2020: Grim Reaper Prop From Home Accents

We all know Home Depot has really put they floor on the gas the past few years and has really picked things up when it comes to Halloween. This year they are rolling out some old favorites with a fresh coat of pain. We’ve seen the Grim Reaper done to death (pardon the pun). But this year Home Accents has tried to turn the volume up a little by giving him a pretty gnarly-looking sickle. The new Reaper stands right at six feet tall and will retail for $99.99. And if you know anything about Home Depot, they will...

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New For 2020: Animated Standing Surprise Scarecrow

Tired of werewolf and zombie animatronic Halloween props? Well, we got you covered. This year we have a new spin on an old favorite, the Animated Standing Surprise Scarecrow. It looks like a lazy old scarecrow that time has forgotten. That is, until you get up close and he whips his head up scaring the bejeezus out of the guests at your Halloween party his year! When activated the Scarecrow springs to life and begins to make creepy sounds. He also said, “Come One Step Closer and I’ll Take Your Soul!” Standing roughly six feet tall the Animated Standing...

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