We aren’t even a month removed from Halloween 2020 and Spirit Halloween is already rolling out new items for Halloween 2021! Wow! Have you guys seen Lord Dakhanavar? If you aren’t familiar, please check out the video below.

According to Spirit Halloween:

Lord Dakhanavar bides time waiting for the resurgence of his family’s power and to once again reign over The Land Beyond the Forrest. As he patiently waits to regain his seat of power, he takes solace with the few travelers that visit his humble manor to assist him with the family business. Their long journey leaves them feeling drained and dead tired, and they often find themselves staying with their host overnight… or if he’s lucky… forever.

When activated Lord Dakhanavar’s eyes turn red and he lifts his head. He also begins saying one of the following phrases.

“No…Step back. Wait. No, no. Come closer…Much closer. Let me breathe in your blood.” (deep inhale followed by evil laughter.)

“Arghh, I need nourishment…I must feast! And the only blood I smell is yours.” (deep evil chuckling laugh.)

“Noooo… you should not have come here. Now I will follow you ’til you give me what I need… BLOOD!” (deep evil chuckling laugh.)

“Arghh! Come… let me listen to your heartbeat. (Ooohhh) so strong, so alive, it will be mine” (deep evil chuckling laugh.)

At 4.8-feet tall Lord Dakhanavar is quite imposing. It’s also even creepier that he’s hanging upside down. At $179.99 the creepy vampire is not too expensive and is also right on time for Christmas shoppers who are looking for something to give their friends and family who love Halloween animatronics.

I’m kinda bummed I couldn’t add Lord Dakhanavar to my collection back in October, but it’s a unique marketing tactic to release new animatronics right before Christmas. Hopefully it pays off for Spirit Halloween this year!

Stay tuned. There are some really cool things coming down the pipe for 2021!