2020 isn’t even in the history books and Distortions Unlimited it out here rolling out props for 2021! It’s always fun to look ahead to the new year and what’s coming up, so you have to give Distortions Unlimited credit for their dedication to making some of the best Halloween props year after year.

Their first offering for 2021 is the 8′ Pumpkin Stalker. If you haven’t seen the Pumpkin Stalker yet, take a look at the video below!

According to Distortions Unlimited:

Towering over 8 Ft tall, Pumpkin Stalker rules over its creepy pumpkin patch. This terrifying vision prowls through your field of nightmares…or perhaps your yard or home haunt! A perfect giant Halloween prop decoration for Halloween events, dark attractions, haunted corn mazes, and home decorating.

Pumpkin Stalker features a flickering LED light which lights up its head, eyes and mouth and posable arms with a giant 7 ft wingspan. Hand crafted and painted at Distortions Unlimited in the USA, Pumpkin Stalker is built to last.

The Pumpkin Stalker doesn’t say anything but my God, he does growl. He also sure does look menacing like he sprouted from the ground just to tear the limbs from our body, one by one! Eight feet is quite large for a Halloween prop, and with a seven foot wingspan, oh man! This guy is a lot larger than he appears in the video.

At $527 the Pumpkin Stalker won’t come cheap, but he is a top of the line product. You can always count on Distortions Unlimited to make a quality product, as they have been in the business since 1978. If you can make Halloween props for over 40 years, you are doing something right!

Keep checking back. There are some really cool things coming in the next few months. Halloween 2021 is going to be a lot of fun!