After Home Depot took their Halloween game to the next level, Lowes has tried to step up their game as well. Unfortunately for Halloween animatronic lovers Lowes hasn’t quite caught up, but they do get extra points for effort.

While browsing through my local Lowes I noticed that they had some of their Halloween items out. One of the items that caught my eye was the Bride and Groom skeleton animatronic. If you haven’t seen it in action, here you go.

When activated by a step pad or sensor the Bride and Groom’s eyes light up and their heads begins to move. They also say the following phrases.

Bride: Do you think that people know this house is haunted?
Groom: Maybe. It won’t take them long to figure it out. Ha ha ha ha…

Groom: It’s been so long. Worms, and spiders are the only life left in my body.
Bride: Rats too! Sooner or later we will both be a big pile of bones. Ha ha ha ha ha…

Groom: The veil between this world and the next is thinnest on Halloween night
Bride: …which makes tonight the perfect time to join two souls in matrimony, lasting not only this life, but the next. Ha ha ha ha ha…

Bride: A cold night with a full moon is perfect for what I have planned. Ha ha ha ha ha.
Groom: I hope it is something sinister and sweet for me. Ha ha ha ha ha…

Now, I know what you are thinking. These skeletons aren’t scary at all. But that’s ok. Not ever prop needs to be terrifying. I try to keep a few animatronics in a certain area of the yard for kids that come to the annual Halloween party. I want children to feel welcome and feel like I need to have a few things for them that are more fun that scary.

But with that being said, you could jazz these guys up. I’ve taken less scary props and found masks online to make them a little scarier. Then again, it’s really up to you.

At $199.99 the Holiday Living Bride and Groom Skeletons aren’t really cheap. But they are affordable compared to others props on Spirit Halloween’s website. If you are patient you should be able to get them for much less. Like Home Depot, Lowes is also in a hurry to get out all their Christmas merchandise that has been piling up in the backroom. Come mid-September they begin to take 25% off, then 50%. If you are patient you might be able to bring home the Bride and Groom for under $50.

There is a lot of really cool stuff this year if you love Halloween props. Be sure to check out our Animatronic Halloween Store to see what’s new for 2020!

Please keep checking back. There is a lot more coming soon!