The lunging props with digital eyes seem to be all the rage this year at TransWorld 2021. Yesterday we saw the Haggard Lunging Witch and today we saw the Lunging Reaper. If you aren’t quite familiar with the Lunging Reaper, check out the video below.

When activated by a step pad or built-in sensor, the Lunging Reaper begins talking and says one of the following four phrases before jumping out to grab you!

Want to play a game of tag? If I catch you, you have to give up your soul! Aarr!! You’re faster than you look. But don’t worry, I’ll get that soul one way or another!

Do you think that you can sneak past the reaper? I always know when your time has come…Gotcha! Ha ha ha ha Lucky for you, it’s not your time…yet ha ha ha ha!

The living never think that their lives will come to an end, but all it takes is one touch from me – ooh hoo ha ha ha! You have escaped my grasp…for now ha ha ha ha!

I have come to guide one of you into the afterlife. Come into my embrace and meet your fate!! Ha ha ha ha don’t worry, I will return for you soon enough!

Standing right at six feet tall the Lunging Reaper is quite impressive. The digital eyes are also a very nice touch and an improvement over other reaper props I’ve seen in recent years.

The animatronic Reaper will likely retail in the $299 range, but it could also run up to $349 or as low as $249 depending on where you find him. As always, if you find him online you will have to pay a little extra for shipping; and being a larger prop you may incur additional charges.

Be sure to check back soon! There are more cool props on the way!