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New For 2020: Lunging Reaper Animatronic From Morris Costumes

The lunging props with digital eyes seem to be all the rage this year at TransWorld 2021. Yesterday we saw the Haggard Lunging Witch and today we saw the Lunging Reaper. If you aren’t quite familiar with the Lunging Reaper, check out the video below. When activated by a step pad or built-in…

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New For 2021: Towering Reaper With Digital Eyes From Morris Costumes

Transworld 2021 is in the books and we have seen some of the latest and greatest Halloween props for 2021! We are starting to see a trend with old props coming back with some upgrades. Like the Lunging Haggard Witch, the Towering Reaper is returning this year with those creepy digital eyes. If…

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