Transworld 2021 is in the books and we have seen some of the latest and greatest Halloween props for 2021! We are starting to see a trend with old props coming back with some upgrades. Like the Lunging Haggard Witch, the Towering Reaper is returning this year with those creepy digital eyes. If you haven’t seen him, check out the video below!

When activated by a step pad or sensor you start to hear the wind blow followed by the Towering Reaper coming to life by moving his head as he begins saying one of four different phrases.

Ha ha ha! Welcome to the afterlife! Beware all ye who enter here!

Go ahead and live a little, it is later than you think. I will be coming for you soon enough ha ha ha!

Look who comes this way – and I thought I was trouble hahaha! It is almost time for me to take another soul; will it be yours?

Before you are doomed, save the last dance for me, hm? We’ll dance our way to oblivion, you and I.

Standing right at ten feet tall the Towering Reaper with Digital Eyes is quite impressive. He can be quite intimidating, especially if you have some creepy dark lighting around him. The green light inside his chest is a nice little touch and you have to respect a Halloween prop that moves its mouth when it talks to you. I also really like how the eyes blink from time to time. It’s a small thing but it really does make the Reaper look real.

The price will vary from retailer to retailer but it’s thought that the Towering Reaper with Digital Eyes will likely retail in the $349 range. You might find him cheaper online somewhere but then again, you will have to pay for shipping costs too. I’m not sure if we will see this prop at Spirit Halloween this year, but we did see the previous version in their stores a few years ago.

Please keep checking back. There are more really cool props coming down the pipe for Halloween 2021!