As we all have seen, Home Depot has elevated their Halloween game in recent years. We are starting to see what will be in stores this year and one that I’ve seen that I like is the Animated Book Witch. If you haven’t seen Home Depot’s newest witch please check out the video below.

When the witch is activated by a step pad or a sensor she begins turning her torso and her eyes light up. She begins reading spells from her book and speaks one of four different phrases.

The Animated Book Witch stand roughly seven feet tall and is surprisingly big. Home Accents is the manufacturer and they tend to make some pretty sturdy props.

The witch retails for $199.99. However, as we’ve seen in recent years Home Depot isn’t very patient with their Halloween merchandise and is pretty eager to get their Christmas stuff on the floor. This is why they begin marking down Halloween items in mid-September. If you are patient you will be able to get the Animated Book Witch for around $150. But if you think you can hold out long enough you might be able to get her anywhere from $20 to $50. Unfortunately, you run the risk of missing out altogether if you wait too long and someone swoops in and grabs the prop you were waiting on.

Please keep checking back! There are more new Halloween props coming soon!