I recently acquired the new Nightcrawler animatronic from Spirit Halloween. After going back and forth on whether or not to get him, I am really glad I added him to my collection. The prop only took ten or fifteen minutes to put together and I had hardly any trouble assembling the creepy new animated prop.

After I got him put together I made a video as it was getting dark and during the day so you could get a feel for how Nightcrawler looks during the daytime as well as the night. Check it out below!

3.5 Ft Nightcrawler Animatronic – Decorati…

Tossed to the streets by deadbeat parents when just a teen, Nightcrawler learned how to… [More]

Price: $199.99
Sale: $199.99

I have to admit, when I first saw Nightcrawler I thought it was pretty creepy but I wasn’t so sure I had to have him. I really had my heart set on Little Daisy and the Maestro and wasn’t sure I’d be able to afford both. But let me tell you, I’m really glad I got the Nightcrawler. He’s much more eerie in person than what you see in the Youtube videos.

I love how guttural and deep his growling is. It is so creepy and really adds to the overall effect of the new animatronic prop. When activated, the Nightcrawler immediately springs into action then starts swaying back and forth as if he’s sizing you up before he takes a bite out of your leg.

When it comes to Halloween animatronics I tend to subscribe to the theory that bigger is better. But, when it comes to the Nightcrawler, he’s not very big. But he is deceptively large, especially when he’s standing upright. Even when he’s lying down he takes up a large area and is pretty imposing.

I’m really looking forward to Halloween this year. Nightcrawler is going to look great over in the corner of my yard when the sun goes down. I can just see a little kid seeing him out of the corner of their eye and walking over to see what it is that is glaring at them. Then, when they get close the Nightcrawler will spring to life and scare the (bleep) out of that kid!

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I definitely recommend picking up Nightcrawler. I’m really glad that I did. At $199.99 he’s reasonably priced and he will definitely add something to your Halloween party this year!