Spirit Halloween may be rolling out a bunch of new animated Halloween props for 2021, but in some cases they are still going with what has worked in previous years. In 2013 Wacky Mole took the world by storm and was one of the hottest props that the company sold for that Halloween season. Well, today they announced the creepy clown with the great big ballet is coming back again for Halloween 2021!

If you don’t recall what Wacky Mole was all about, let this video jog your memory! Also, subscribe to our Youtube channel!

When activated Wacky Mole’s eyes light up and he begins to turn from side to side. The evil clown then begins taunting nearby children as he implores them to get closer.

“Bad Halloween costumes make me crazy! Haha they make me wanna pummel things with my hammer, yes! I think, I think I’m going crazy again blah hahahahaha!”

“Step right up boys and girls! Who’s next to get walloped by hammer, hm? Hahah Who will be the first on their block to say ‘Wacky Mole clubbed me over the head!’ Hahaha”

“I just LOVE hitting you bozos with my hammer ah hahaha! You better watch out or I’m gonna whomp you over the head too! Oh please, come a little closer, hm? Hahahah!”

Wacky Mole stands at 5’9 and is a Lifesize prop. And those teeth… Whoah, this clown really needs to see a dentist. If you have a room with a black light, I really think Wacky Mole is a must have for your home haunt!

At $219.99 Wacky Mole is reasonably priced and isn’t on the high end of props. It’s nice to see Spirit Halloween keep some of the fun nostalgic animatronics kept a decent price point. But with that being said, don’t forget that oversized props will incur additional shipping fees. Also, you can find discounted promo codes and coupons if you know where to look that will help bring the costs down a little.

Please keep checking back! There’s a lot of cool stuff coming out in the next few days!