Fresh off their success with the oversized 12 foot skeleton they introduced in 2020, Home Depot is upping the ante and rolling out a 12 foot tall Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton this year. The Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton is basically a re-skin of last year’s version and also has the creepy lifelike LCD eyes.

Retailing for $349.00, the 12 Foot Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton is on the higher end of Halloween props you will find this year. However, I’m sure there will be some that are more expensive and a tad bit smaller too. If you missed out on the 12 foot skeleton last year at Home Depot, be sure you jump on the 12 Foot Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton as soon as you can! Like last year, I anticipate Home Depot running out again in 2021.

I received countless emails from people who wanted to know if I had a 12 foot skeleton for sale or if I knew where to get one. Don’t be that guy this year.

Please keep checking back. There will be a lot of new stuff dropping the coming days! Halloween 2021 is just around the corner.