One of the biggest hits from Transworld 2021 is the Cellar Dweller animatronic from Morris Costumes. It seems that of all the new props for this year, Cellar Dweller had the most buzz from people I’ve talked to. If you haven’t seen the creepy new animated prop that has been hiding in your cellar, please check out the video below.

When activated the Cellar Dweller’s eye turn green. He also begins moving his arms up and down and his head turns side to side as he begins to speak very slowly and methodically. He says the following four eerie phrases.

“This dank old house is oozing with foul stench of rotten souls. It’s kept me thriving, as long as I hide down here with the rats. I’m happy to share with you, if you have the stomach for it! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Uuuuggghhhh… I ooze with the spirit of Halloween. Drip, drip, drip it goes. Uuuuggghhh…”

“This place drips with doomed spirits. Released from their burial graves, they are searching for fresh victims to haunt. There is no way of hiding from them; but go ahead and try! Ha ha ha ha!”

“The syrupy, sick damp of the cellar has made me a moldy mess. But no matter, I’ve grown fond of the wet stench of it, and want to share it with you! Uuuuhhhh!”

Like everyone else, I also like the Cellar Dweller. You have to respect a prop that moves its mouth when it speaks. A lot of prop manufacturers try to save money by making a head with a mouth that doesn’t move. To see Morris Costumes go all out and have a moving mouth, it really makes me happy.

It’s not known just how much Cellar Dweller will retail for, but if I had to guess, it would be in the $349 range. Again, prices will vary wherever you look online. He might be cheaper online, but don’t forget about shipping charges. I’m keeping an eye on Cellar Dweller. This is one I am seriously considering adding to my collection.

Please keep checking back. New items will be coming soon! I hear Spirit Halloween is going all out this year!