So, every year around this time Halloween lovers all over the country start checking to see if there is anything new up on their site. Well, unfortunately, we will have to wait another month or so as typically the new props drop after July 4th each year. But, with that being said, we might know more than we did at this point last year.

It looks like Spirit Halloween’s theme this year will be the Scare Factory according to leaked images from the Halloween superstore’s website. Each year Spirit Halloween has a theme that they used to build a massive structure to tie in all of their props for the new Halloween season. Spirit Halloween has some images on a new page that hints at something major happening on July 16.

On the page, you can see a post it note that says, “Return to the Factory!”

Something else you notice when you look a little closer is what appears to be two leaked animatronics for 2021 Mr. Howes and Henry Hustle.

Mr. Howls: Mr. Howls will likely be a new werewolf animatronic. From the blueprints that have leaked online, Mr. Howls will be a large and very creepy animated prop.

Henry Hustle: Henry appears to be some kind of life-size court jester with playing cards. This really intrigues me because I don’t ever recall seeing a court jester animatronic before. Henry Hustle could be really cool and something we’ve never seen before.

While we still have to wait a little longer to get confirmation on the new props and theme for Halloween 2021, it’s always fun to speculate. I know I’m excited for Halloween and just seeing these Easter eggs on Spirit Halloween’s website really makes me want to fast forward all the way to October!

Please keep checking back! There is a lot of cool stuff coming and you aren’t going to want to miss any of it!